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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Benefits of Construction Estimating Software

You may pride yourself on the efficiency with which you run your construction business, but if you don't use construction-estimating software, you're not being as efficient as you could be.

Today, if you're in construction, you have to compete with your peers in the industry, and you have to be the best at what you do, able to come in with the lowest estimate on a particular job while still making a profit. There are a number of reasons construction estimating software can help you do that, not the least of which is simply that the estimation process itself is streamlined.

Construction estimating software helps you streamline your business so that you can be more effective in every way; here are just some of the areas that can benefit when you use construction-estimating software.


This is probably the biggest and most visible change when it comes to using construction-estimating software. Construction estimating software can streamline every part of a particular project and simply make it more efficient, saving you both time and money.

Precision and accuracy

Because you need to be able to track your costs from start to finish, including subcontractor expenses, equipment costs, material and labor costs, and so on, you can do so much more efficiently with construction estimating software than you can "by hand." When you set up your initial estimate, you'll be estimating what the true cost of the project will be with everything accounted for, including materials that have been stored and install for particular projects. Because you can get a much more accurate price for particular project upfront, you can set your price effectively as well, so that you are sure to have an adequate profit margin and yet still be able to give a fair and reasonable price.

You can be consistent

You're going to be able to be much more consistent with estimates if you use construction estimating software, because you can use the same cost the procedures for every estimated repair, every time. Because you can also use your jobs history to compare estimates for current and future projects as well, you'll be able to adjust costs based upon what previous jobs have cost you so that subsequent estimates can be more accurate. Overruns, too, won't be a problem.

Procuring labor and materials

It's a lot easier to arrange the labor and materials you need to complete a job, because you can establish those parameters with your construction estimating software beforehand. The construction estimating software will also help you track jobs' progress and schedule subcontractors needed on the job, too.

Project management

You can manage projects much better with construction estimating software both in project installations and to requisition stock. You can track job costs, prepare schedules, and manage correspondence and purchasing needs with this software, too.

Greater professional demeanor

Simply put, when your business is organized, you're much more efficient and therefore much more effective and professional. Construction estimating software can help you do these things, which will also make you appear more professional to clients. Because you can run your business so much more easily, it makes you reliable and dependable overall.

When you use construction-estimating software to in effect "streamline" all aspects of your business into one central application, it makes it much easier to do everything -- from managing employees and subcontractors, to materials procurement, to bookkeeping. Because everything has been made so much more efficient, you spend less time managing your business and more time actually doing business.