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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Should You Use Construction Estimating Software?

If you have a construction business, you might be running it the old-fashioned way; when you do construction estimates, do you just figure everything out without construction estimating software? You might think that's just fine, but there are a number of reasons construction-estimating software can be beneficial to you.

Specifically, it can make you more consistent and accurate in your estimates, it can speed up the construction process itself, it can streamline project management, it can make sure you procure the proper materials at the right time, and it can make you more professional in your dealings, both with clients and with employees or subcontractors.


The most important component to using construction-estimating software is the time it saves you. It'll save you both money and time in your business.


Accuracy, too, is important when it comes to making your business successful, because you need to be able to track material and labor costs, equipment costs, and subcontractor expenses. Back orders need to be kept track of, as do materials that have been stored and installed for particular projects. Your construction estimating software can help you do this, because when you set up your initial estimate, you'll also be estimating what the true cost of the project will be, which in turn will set your price.


Consistency with estimates is going to be easier to do with your construction estimating software, too. That's because you'll be able to prepare estimates using the exact same costs and procedures every time. And because you can compare estimates to actual job costs through job histories, you can adjust future projects based on what you've learned in the past so that future estimates are both more accurate, and overruns won't be a problem.

Materials and labor procurement

Procurement of materials and labor necessary to complete a job will be made much easier when you estimate these needs with your construction estimating software. You'll also be able to use the information to schedule subcontractors needed and track a job's progress.

Managing projects

It's easier to oversee project installations and to requisition stock with construction estimating software. You can use it to help you prepare a schedule and track job costs, and it can even help you make purchasing, correspondence, and overall project management more efficient.


Because you can organize your business so much more efficiently with construction estimating software, and because you can document costs and produce accurate quotes so much more efficiently, this makes you appear much more professional to your clients -- and in fact makes you more professional in your business, too, since you can be so accurate and reliable.

The simple streamlining of your business and ease of use construction estimating software can give you makes it worth its initial cost. Aside from the above benefits, of course, it simply makes your business easier to run and manage. That leaves you with fewer logistical and management headaches -- and with more time to spend on the actual work of your business, which is construction.